Our Vision

Bunbury Industrial Controls will operate and develop its business into the future aligning its business practices with our vision statement and core values.

Bunbury Industrial Controls will be the most sought after industrial control solutions provider in Australia

To achieve this vision the following factors are critical to our success:

Our People - Our Customers - Our Suppliers

The culture of our business will be moulded on our people our customers and our suppliers ( our partners) all having the same core values.

Our Core Values

Customer focused - Long term relationship partners - Supply of quality professional products and services - Profitable business partners - Reputable business ethics

Customer focused

Our customers are the single most important factor in us achieving our vision. An understanding of our customers needs and a focus based on their success is the key to our success in business.

Long term relationship partners

Maintaining and building relationships with our partners is a priority in our business decision making process. Our business dealings are based on long-term growth prospects rather than short-term gains.

Supply of quality professional products and services

Based on our other core values: customer focus; long term partner relationships; sustained profitability; it is essential we supply quality product and services in a professional manner. We understand that "no one remembers how long it took only how good it is."

Profitable business partners

For BIC to achieve its vision it is essential that we understand the need for our people, customers, and suppliers to be profitable. Likewise it is essential that our partners understand the need for BIC to be profitable. There needs to be a commercial understanding of the partners needs to make profit for the business relationships to survive.

Business Ethics

Bunbury Industrial Controls and its partner's relationship will be based Loyalty; Honesty; and Transparency.